The keynote speakers were absolutely superb.

    Robyn Hanley-Dafoe, through her stories, helped usrealize that we can do very hard things and accomplish more than we think we are capable of. She made us

We Made a Difference

Getting together with over 400 colleagues from across the country reinvigorated our “dedication” to the work we all do. We were offered new approaches, tools and insights as to how we can continue to learn and improve our skills. Meeting our colleagues from around the country was a great way to expand our professional network connections.

Our 26 exhibitors offered us insights
into their new programs and products.

Greg Wells was amazing, uplifting, challenging and inspiring! His talk was a wonderful opportunity to remind us to look after ourselves first by sleeping, eating, moving and thinking better.


The program covered a wide range of topics such as:

  • motivational Interviewing
  • climate change
  • chronic disease management
  • tobacco, vaping and cannabis
  • the importance of education
  • research in respiratory care



Our speakers brought us up to date on advances in respiratory care, health education and behaviour change, climate change and health, as well as the latest information on tobacco, vaping and cannabis.

laugh and cry, but most of all, she helped us put our lives

back into perspective.


Our 24 hands-on, interactive workshops provided practical ideas for educators to use in practice.



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