Certification for Asthma, Respiratory, COPD and

Tobacco Educators


CNRC is the organization that certifies healthcare professionals working to provide health education for clients.

There are currently 1504 Certified Respiratory Educators (CREs) and 375 Certified Asthma Educators (CAEs) in Canada as well as 94 Certified COPD Educators (CCEs) in the United States. This multidisciplinary group of educators represents a range of healthcare professionals, including: respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapists.

In November 2014, CNRC offered its first Certified Tobacco Educator (CTE) exam for healthcare professionals who provide tobacco prevention and cessation services to their clients. There are now 467 CTEs in Canada.

CNRC certification examinations demonstrate that our certified respiratory and tobacco educators have the skills, knowledge and abilities to provide comprehensive, evidence-informed care.


International Certification


In response to interest from healthcare professionals outside Canada and the US, CNRC’s certification programs continue to expand around the world. In addition to CNRC-approved training programs that are offered 100% online, there are currently approved live/in-person training programs available throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.


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